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About me

In 2017 I did my Yoga Teacher Training in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala and I asked if there is a Universe to please guide me to my purpose in life since I felt like lost soul and not connected to my body.  Little did I know, that my initiation was taking place which would have guided me to my dharma which is to be a service to others through spirituality.

I have being doing yoga since 2012 but was not interested in spirituality at all. I started soaking up spiritual principles,  started meditating daily, eating a healthy diet (mostly vegan) and anything else that helped me get aligned  with spirituality in order to start my self-healing journey. I must say, I am so grateful for this chance. 

I am a Spiritual Well-being coach, lightworker, peristeam (vaginal) facilitator, meditation practitioner, and an energy worker. I guide individuals same as you to build a spiritual alignment to your purpose, connect to your intuition, find a balance in life, empowering you with spiritual tools so you can gain your life back and live your true purpose.

How is started?

my mission

Guiding you to see the light in the darkness

My mission is to guide you to experience a spiritual relationship of your own understanding so that you can live in alignment with your true purpose here on earth, too!

My comprehensive approach allows me to guide souls to a spiritual connection by apply research based studies and Eastern studies through out our time together. This includes teachings from Ayurveda, meditation, mindset, lunar phases, embodiment, manifestation, sound bowl therapy, crystal therapy, energy healing practices, rituals, & much more. Let's find a balance, some self-love, abundance, and a more fulfilling present life.

There are many ways that I can help you, no matter where you are on your spiritual path.

Let’s start with your journey!

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Certifications and Courses

knowledge is power

- Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Tourism and Management Studies | University of Aruba | 2012
- Masters Degree in Business Administration | University of Aruba | 2014
- ACAMS  | 2017
- ACAMS Risk Management | 2021

Certifications & Courses
- Mindful Parenting | Mindful Life | February 2021
- Pranayama Series: Re-Train Your Breath Program | Akhanda Yoga Institute | 2021
- Introduction to Vedic Astrology /Working with Planetary Energies | Akhanda Yoga Institute | 2021
- Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher | Soul Work/ Passion Yoga Institute | January 2021
- Vaginal/Peristeam Steam Facilitator | Steamy Chicks | December 2020
- Phases of the Menstruation Cycle and Dietary Endorsements | Womben Wellness | October 2020
- Womb Science Immersion | Womben Wellness | August 2019
- Yin Yoga Teacher | DushiYoga | Aruba | April 2019
- Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher | Womben Wellness | Costa Rica | February 2019
- Mindfulness Meditation Teacher | Yoga International | Aruba | January 2019
- Andean Healing Techniques | Shaman Carlos Jorge Illapuma | Aruba | December 2018
- Reiki 1 Training | Vilma Galindo (Atma Aarani) | Aruba | June 2017
- 200 HR Mystical Hatha Yoga Teacher | School Yoga Institute | Guatemala | November 2017

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Spiritual Teacher, Igniter. Awakener. Self-healer. Coach. Mom. Vedic  Enthusiast.

I'm Jamie bareño

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